Author:likego  Date:2015-12-10  

Internet of things (IOT) as the latest development direction of today’s technology,
it is an important tool for companies to achieve industrial upgrading and development of innovation.
XOCECO New Technical Company has been committed to the development of automotive electrical products,
especially our automotive monitor and TV set-top boxes are in industry-leading level,
with the significant investment to the development of the internet system, we have accumulated lots of experience in system development field.
By the wind of IOT’s development in recent years, and combined with our own technology, we have reached a strategic cooperation with Xiamen Radio and TV Group, to develop this elevator display intelligent terminal system.Product features
1.Security assistant when taking the elevator Elevator parameters real-time display: Level info, up-down instruction, elevator door status, operating speed, etc.Warning function: when a fault detected, it will automatically broadcast appease video and guide to rescue.
Alarm function: Press alarm button, online conversation with administrator, manual guidance repair or report the error.
Elevator Safety Tips: Through pictures, captions prompted boarding Precautions.
Internet security: Open internet security system, automatically upload fault video.
Real-time monitoring: real-time monitoring the elevator situation, save the video.
2.Better audio visual and personalized advertising customization
TV broadcast: Can smoothly play HD DTMB programs.
A variety of video sources display: can display TV, streaming media, IP streaming, local video.
Customized advertising: video, images, subtitles, web pages, documents can be customized.
Instant Messaging: Pops up instant  messages.
HD quality: HDMI output: resolution of 1920 *1080.
Personalized setting: Optional of setting time/ date/ week/ weather and other information.
Multiple signal mode: Though 3G/ Wi-Fi /Ethernet.
3.Powerful management platformTerminal equipment can be unified management, but also can be grouped management.
Material management approval mechanism.

Advertising module split-screen customization features.
Advertisement editing and real-time managing function.
Advertising content encryption Convenient terminal command: screenshots instruction, volume control instruction, timer switch instructions, etc.Traffic statistics Powerful reporting statistics.
Support functions:DTMB TV display Streaming media, IP stream, local video playback Advertisement split-screen displayReal-time monitoring Voice calls Elevator parameter display Elevator warning function
Appease, rescue guide Advertisement material management, free layout, advertisement encryption delivery function.

Video, images, subtitles, web pages, document composition display function.
Video encryption function: increased security Integrated 3G communication module, WiFi communication module, RJ45 port.
\Traffic statistics and current limit alarm.Timing volume function Timer switch function Platform support instruction: screenshots instruction, boot instruction, shutdown instruction, restart instruction, school instruction, volume adjustment instruction.
Firmware online upgrade function 19-inch, 21.5-inch screen with a resolution of 1920 * 1080 Easy to deploy, easy to use: B / S architecture control platform

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